Filter Bag

A wide choice of filter bags to meet your critical demands for liquid filtration.

Best alternative substitute to Eaton, Hayward, GAF or LOEFFLER sentinel, snap ring filter bag, FSI Polyloc filter bag.

不锈钢环过滤袋 Stainless steel Snap-ring filter bag
环口采用不锈钢材料,耐腐蚀无污染 The ring adopted stainless steel corrosion
口部标志性提绳,便捷耐用 non-pollution,the collar with striking line
袋身无线包缝,杜绝包袋现象 convenient and durable.Five-line package
根据要求可定制非标准尺寸 to eliminate phenomenon of exposed bags
以及环口焊接 According to customer's request for 
non-standard size and collar welded
塑料环全热熔焊接滤袋 Whole hot-melt plastic ring filter bag
PO/PE环,型号:G、W、H、F、O环 PO/PE ring,Type:G、W、H、F、O, etc
袋身中缝+底部热熔,口部超声波焊接 Middle line and bottom of bag with hot-melt 
独特的密封设计、杜绝侧漏 and ultrasonic welding,unique sealing design,
适合高洁净度行业使用 no sideleak suitable for high-purity line
多样化袋型:三角形、圆弧形 welding type:triangle、arc-shaped
NMO滤袋 NMO Filter bag
绝对值精度表面过滤 Absolute precision filter surface
可多次清洗使用,消耗成本低 Repeating cleanness、reducing consumption
口部有不锈钢环、塑料环合口部穿绳 Stainless steel ring、plastic ring and line
采用五线包缝、外包线、反缝 Five-line packed、outer-sewn and anti-sewn
高温滤袋 High-temperature filter bag
特别适合极端工况过滤 Especially for extreme condition filter
耐低温、耐高温、耐强酸、耐强碱 low-temperature resistant、high-temperature 
专用PTFE线缝制,表里如一 resistant;acid and alkali resistant;
绝对无污染 可非标定制 PTFE tread to sew the bags;Non-polluting
LCR 吸油袋 LCR Oil adsorbing filter bag
吸油纤维层具极佳的亲油疏水性 Oil adsorbing fiber layer with proil hydrophobic
吸油与精度过滤的双重效果 Dual effect of oil adsobing and fine filter
用于汽车工业、矿产、油田的水处理 Used to the line of Auto、mine and treatment 
电镀化学、溶剂生产等环节 of oil field;Plating chemical,solvents prodction
POXL、PEXL 覆膜袋 POXL、PEXL membrane filter bag
滤料表面热压微孔滤膜 on surface of filter materials with microporous 
杜绝表面纤维的脱落避免二次污染 filter membrane;Avoid sencondary polluting
 by fell fiber 
TPF系列多层高效滤袋 TPF high-efficiency multi-layers bag
深层拦截过滤 Deep hold up the particle
杂质捕捉量是普通滤袋的数十倍 retaining impurity is a few times as ordinary 
强化1微米及其超细颗粒的精度过滤 filterbag ;Filter 1-micron/super fine particle 
过滤效率高达99% Filtration efficiency up to 99%
Data sheet:
bag type Materials Filter precision Ring  Bag size
SS-ring bag PO/PE 0.5,1,5,10,25,50,100,200,300… SS304 #01,#02,#03,#04,#05
Hot-melt/ultrasonic bag PO/PE 0.5,1,5,10,25,50,100,200,300… PO/PE #01,#02,#03,#04,#05
NMO filter bag NMO 25,50,80,100,125,150,200,300… SS304/Zinc #01,#02,#03,#04
PTFE filter bag PTFE 0.5,1,5,10,25,50,100,200,300… SS304 #01,#02,#03,#04,#05
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